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Real Success Takes a Village: What your Mother wants you to know about Success + Support

We are so excited to welcome Laura Matteson to the Outsourcing With Love blog today!

Laura is a designer and illustrator helping tired mamas save time and energy by creating visuals that help people remember, refer and trust their businesses. She works with amazing clients all over the world who are using their skills to make their communities (in person or online) a better place, while also raising littles. If you’re strapped for time, chasing big dreams and looking for someone you can trust to bring your ideas to life, it’s time to look into custom visuals.



What Your Mother Wants You to Know About Support by Laura Matteson for Outsourcing With Love


Dear Daughter,


I want you to know that I didn’t do it alone. I didn’t raise you alone and I didn’t reach my dreams alone.


Yes, you spent most of your time with me, watching me care for you and guide you into the woman you are today. But there were so many people supporting you that you did not see.


They were supporting you, because they were supporting me, and that allowed me to shine brightly and be present and available to you.


I was supported by family, by friends, by books, by music, by observing others, and by professionals.


I learned that hiring help around the house, in parenting and business were all pieces of my growth and learning that allowed me to shine brighter because I had others shining with me.


I want you to know that you are allowed to ask for support. You are allowed to work as a team to reach YOUR goal. Support does not make you weak, it makes you focused and stronger.


There will be those who tell you that if you “inconvenience” other people you are just lazy and weak.


There are those who will tell you that a real woman pushes through the challenge and never lets them see her struggle.


There are those who say that spending money on hiring and outsourcing means your work is too much to handle.


I’ve experienced going alone and asking for help, and I will let you decide for yourself, but here is what I’ve learned.


When I hustle alone no one knows my mission.

When I hustle alone no one else gets pride from my work.

When I hustle alone I do not have time for my own care and fulfillment and no energy left to give to others.


When I build community around my idea, there is a wealth of excitement and energy around my mission.

When I build community around my work, everyone feels proud and accomplished when it’s done.

When I build community around my time, I have space to care for myself and provide more power and grace to those around me.

When I build community around my skills, I can hire those who are more skilled than I am to compliment my greatest skills and the results are outstanding.

When I build community around my family, everyone gains more insights, a larger perspective and an understanding of others.


It may feel like succeeding alone is a greater feat, but you will be so tired it won’t be worth enjoying.

It may seem like other women are charging ahead alone, but ask them, and they will tell you who’s on their team.


Yes a star can shine beautifully all on it’s own, but when it glows amongst other stars it can light a path and fill the sky.


It may seem like you don’t have the money to hire professionals, but by supporting others and trusting them, you will be repaid fully in customer delight and profits.


Choose carefully the team you build around you. Make sure they also have support and that they are committed to community.


When you find your community, take care of it. Go above and beyond to collaborate and grow those relationships.


When in doubt ask for help, my child, because you have one beautiful life and there are plenty of people who want to be a part of it.


Slow down, grow amongst others and make each moment something that is fully authentic to your style and dreams.


And remember that I am always here with a warm hug and empowering cheer.


Yours forever,




I hope to one day have this conversation with my own daughters. Until then I continue to support other moms and talk about the importance of getting support. If you need a professional eye I’d be happy to hop on a brainstorm chat with you ( If you are reading this before Mother’s Day 2019 then you can get free support from 7 professionals specifically tailored to your mompreneur business (



Fun Fact: Laura is an Outsourcing With Love member and can be found in our Brand & Graphic Designer categories. You can visit Laura’s website here and follow along on Instagram here.

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