Victoria Levitan is a video marketing strategist, Youtube coach, and content creator. Being a small business owner for over 5 years, she has turned her Youtube and content marketing experience into helping small business owners show up in front of the camera. Born and raised in Switzerland, she enjoys Lindt chocolate and raclette cheese.






my dream clients say that I am...

Focused, insightful and kind

I make a splash in the following areas:

Understanding and capturing each individual business

Creating a strategy that speaks to my clients strengths

Teaching what matters - and what doesn't




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client testimonials

"I was lost and overwhelmed with Youtube before I started working with Victoria. Her knowledge, her patience, her insights are just a few of the qualities that made her the right choice for me. She always knew the necessary next step, and I realized that with the right teacher anything can be learned. My videos have gotten better every week and the compliments of the natural way I produce them started coming in. It did not matter how stuck I felt, Victoria picked me up and moved me closer to my goal. If you are serious about expanding your marketing through video, Victoria is your smartest choice."

- Dr. Martina Fausch

"Before working with Victoria, my brand's video strategy was not where it should be. We now have an increase in Youtube views, brand awareness, and online sales coming directly from Youtube views and clicks. I love Victoria's technical expertise and her understanding of branding and the industry. She has great accountability and follow-up and is fun to work with. Just do it!"

- Ada P., alchimie forever

"I got a lot of great video tips but she was also so knowledgeable about social media and personal branding. I loved the video education I got, but I was thrilled with the other little tidbits I got as well. She gave me great feedback on potential clients' general content strategies, why they're not working, and how I could make them better, which was very helpful. It was a great investment and something I would highly recommend given videos (growing) prevalence."

- Victoria Gamlen

services + offerings

1:1 Video Coaching

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Video Management

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Video Group Coaching Program

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Whether you're ready to start filming videos, launch a Youtube channel, or need guidance on your existing content, we dive into the areas you need help with & create a custom video strategy.

Want to create consistent videos for your business but don't want to deal with all the details? Wish you had a team member that edits, uploads & manages all your video content? Let's chat!

With weekly group calls, 1:1 hot seat time, video trainings & accountability to keep you on track, this video group program is a community experience to learn from & grow with each other.

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4 Wing 3

Learner, Intellection, Input


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Exercise, Podcasts, Youtube

a medium latte

I'm from Zurich, Switzerland

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