Adrienna is a former wedding vendor turned digital marketing pro + educator. She started as a VA in 2018 and turned a $200 investment into a six-figure marketing agency for wedding pros. After being frustrated with the lack of education for Creative VA's, she started The Creative VA Academy and has helped over 200 students.



adrienna mcdermott


my dream clients say that I am...

Encouraging, patient, friendly

I make a splash in the following areas:

Helping students hone their skills and create a profitable business doing what they love.

Teaching with easy-to-follow action steps that get you working, and making change.

Turning a vision into a business.




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adrienna mcdermott

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“I signed my first Pinterest client not even two weeks into The Pinterest Elective! I am so excited!”

- Kendal R.

“I feel like there was an “Ah-Ha” moment in almost every module. So much of it helped me structure my business and eliminate all of those "how do I do ____?" so I really felt very prepared when I finally launched my business!”

- jenn b.

“Before The Creative VA Academy, I felt overwhelmed by the process of starting my own business. I had no idea where to go and I had no time to research as I had a 3 month old. It has sped up the process tremendously of starting my own business. It would have taken me at least 10x as long to learn everything I did with your course. It is so much better to invest your money in a course like The Creative VA Academy than to try to figure it out on your own! That will cost you SO much more money in time. The Masterclass has sped up the process tremendously of starting my own business.'"

- randi l.

“Before The Creative VA Academy, I didn't know how to start a VA business at all. I needed so much help! This course gave me the step-by-step directions I needed so that was so helpful. My business has been greatly impacted. My biggest accomplishment is landing 6 clients as a new business owner! I started my business in May and I now have 6 clients in August! I would recommend The Creative VA Academy!”

- ashley c.

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The Creative VA Masterclass

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The Pinterest VA Elective

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The only digital course for creative virtual assistants, The Creative VA Masterclass is for those who want to become virtual assistants and freelancers for creative businesses.

Want to take your existing writing skills and turn them into a business? Learn everything you need to master blogging, get clients, and become a Blogging Virtual Assistant - In just 7 days.

Everything you need to master your Pinterest, get clients, and become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant - In just 7 days. Get attainable results, with easy step-by-step instruction.

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