shannon Savaglio


online business manager


shannon savaglio


online business manager

shannon savaglio

My approach as an assistant and business manager is different than most. While I am attentive and care about your business as if it were my own - I am passionate about building a relationship with you along the way. Having open communication with you is one of my top priorities! 

I am a believer in simplicity and having fun! I live in Racine, Wisconsin with my husband Jordan and our sweet 4 year old son, Bennett.


shannon savaglio

If you are dreaming of creating an intentional business while also ditching the overwhelm and the need to do #allthethings - you are in the right place! I am passionate about creating simplified & streamlined businesses, cultivating relationships, and educating small business owners with simplified strategies so they can enjoy their business, too.

I offer hourly & retainer based business management services. Services include (but not limited to): Project management, Customer Relationship Management, Digital File Organization, Email Campaign Management, Blog Management, CRM Set up, Newsletter Set up, and Course Launches.

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shannon savaglio

Mom, friend, joyful, dreamer, and doer

i work best

listening to music

with an

 with a chai tea or sour patch kids in hand

and often have

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I believe that your business should serve you, while you're serving your ideal customers. As your business manager, I partner with you and treat your business as if it were mine!

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Before becoming a a business manager, I was a lifestyle photographer for 7 years as well as an executive assistant! I loved both, but serving small business owners speaks to my soul! 

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I am an INFJ or "The Advocate" on the MB test. I *think* I'm a 2w1 on the Enneagram... Buuuut, my husband says I'm an awkward mix of Jess from New Girl, Penelope from Criminal Minds, and Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec. 😂

laura foote

Seeing the big picture & executing quickly on it-- love this! Obviously highly organized and fast in your turn arounds and delivery!

I love how Shannon constantly checks in, keeping me up to date, and keeping a pulse on what's going on. I appreciate that Shannon is always looking for more ways to help me in my business - but knows what her limit is.

sianne sprague

Shannon has been someone who has kept me level headed when I've felt overwhelmed by all the admin side of running a business. She has been a key element of getting to where I'm at today.

Erika Perona

Shannon was the missing link I didn't know was missing. You got to know me and my business and my family as intimately as you could, and weren't afraid to be assertive and self motivated. You have saved me, my business, and my family, in ways that I didn't know needed saving.

Nicole Andreini

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