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Three Tips to Determine What to Outsource in your Business First!

We are so excited to welcome our friend Abby to the Outsourcing With Love blog today!


Abby Waller is a wedding photographer and educator based out of Tampa and Atlanta who loves teaching other photographers how they can scale their business with intention to achieve their goals and support their dreams! She is a wife, mom to three fur babies, and can be found sipping Chick-fil-a sweet tea and wanding the aisle of Target way too often! Over the last year she has been able to scale her business and double her revenue all because of outsourcing and strategically building her team. She loves getting to chat all things outsourcing and how to use it to not only support your business but to also have a better work-life balance along the way!


We’ll let her take it away!




Outsourcing has been one of the biggest pieces of my business that has allowed me to grow quickly and with a firm foundation. For a long time I avoided the idea of outsourcing mostly because I was concerned about how much time it would take to hand over parts of my business – I was never concerned about the control aspect, I just felt like there wasn’t enough time to train someone to take my place! What I didn’t realize is that when I hired someone to do a specific job, they already had systems and tools in place to get set up and start jobs almost immediately! Once I realized the transition wasn’t as hard as I expect I began handing out jobs left and right! Honestly, just one year ago it was me and my editor working together and now I outsource over half of my business to 6 different people! 


One of the best pieces of outsourcing though is that it has allowed me to drastically increase my revenue and productivity in my business because I am able to focus on things like scaling my business vs just trying to get through the daily to-do list. If you are like I was last year, then you are probably at the point in your business where you know that you need to let go of specific items but you just aren’t sure what to let go of first and what jobs other’s can actually do for you.


Here are three quick tips that you can use to determine what needs outsourced first in your business! 


1. Know what your strengths are vs your struggles!

Knowing what your strengths are in your business vs the things that you struggle with is a HUGE help when it comes to figuring out what to outsource. If something is a strength of yours, you don’t want to give it up just so you can keep struggling with the areas of your business that feel heavy for you. I highly recommend outsourcing the areas of your business that are the hardest for you to keep up with or take you too much time to accomplish! – Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who can do it better, faster, and actually enjoy it! 

2.Know what YOU actually need to do in your business!

This right here is a game changer! If you were to write down every task that you do in your business on a monthly basis, what items on that list actually require YOU and YOU only to accomplish them? I guarantee you 75% of those items don’t require you at all and can easily be taken over by someone else. By knowing what items you physically have a hand in, you can hand over other jobs a lot easier to free up your time to do those few jobs to the best of your ability! 

3.Know what areas need the most attention!

Another great way to figure out what to outsource first is to figure out what areas in your business require or deserve more attention than what you are able to give them! More than likely there are some areas in your business that aren’t getting the full attention they deserve and need a little extra TLC, this is a great place to try handing over some of the responsibility. Even if it is just a small portion of your to-do list that you can afford to hand over right now, baby steps add up over time. 


Outsourcing is something that almost becomes addicting once you start because you not only see a change in your business but being able to work with others who are there to support you and help you grow is one of the best feelings! Knowing that I have an amazing team behind me who helps me grow my business daily and stay on top of tasks allows me to not only keep my business running smooth but my life also! If outsourcing is something that you are even remotely considering for your business then trust me when I say you need to run and do it now! It will be one of the best decisions that you can make for your business and yourself. 



Thank you so much, Abby! Be sure to follow along with Abby on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest, and you can check out her website here!

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