Liana creates seamless, meaningful travel, tailored to each client - with a very special place in her heart for creative entrepreneurs & small business owners. She believes that travel can be the most rewarding thing you ever do - but you have to DO it! By saving clients time, money, & stress, she gets the travel-planning job done!



liana Campanella


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liana Campanella

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client testimonials

“Working with Liana was absolutely the best possible experience I could have asked for. She went so far above and beyond in order to calm my travel anxiety that I truly don't know if I could have possibly had the same experience with anyone else. 

Liana provides such organized, detailed information that it makes travel easy and uncomplicated. Even if you’ve never been before and have no idea what to expect. 

When we landed in Italy, I was overcome with awe and gratitude that Liana had made this possible for us. We stayed in Rome and saw every possible thing we could. The tour guides she match-made us with were absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and informative. They truly left no stone unturned. [continued]

- tracey l., traveled to rome & lazio

...I had the perfect beginning to my trip with a stop at the beach, such fun activities like a private concert and a cycling tour, and the perfect ending with an authentic Roman Feast with many other wonderful guests from all over Italy and the world at her friend’s house!

This trip was everything I could have hoped for and more, and it has left me wanting to experience even more of Italy! When I make that return trip, I will most definitely use Liana again!"

- tracey l., traveled to rome & lazio

"When I started my search for a travel expert to assist in my trip to Italy I had one criteria: that they had been there. As I went through the process I kept speaking to standard travel agents that had not been there, hardly let me speak, and just started grabbing tour brochures off the rack. 

Frustrated I reached out to Liana expecting the same, but she was different. 

She first asked what I wanted to accomplish, where I wanted to go and what my budget was. After she understood my expectation and that I did not want to be part of a big group, she tailored my trip to what I wanted, and where I wanted to go. [continued]

- John D., Cinque Terre, Milan, Piedmont, and More

...Other agents could neither offer anything outside their packages, nor could they even get me where I wanted to go. Liana set up a plan, reviewed it with us, made changes at our request, and made it effortless on my part. 

We had the trip we truly desired, that having never been to Italy, and not having the patience, time, and knowledge to plan, never would have happened without her help. She knows Italy and not just how to travel, but how to travel incredibly well!"

- John D., Cinque Terre, Milan, Piedmont, and More 

"We were interested in having a truly customized and highly personalized honeymoon to Italy. From our initial discussions with Liana, we knew we were making the right decision in hiring Liana and her team at Italiana Travel Design. 

Liana was so thoughtful and thorough in the planning of our itinerary to meet our needs and desires for our once-in-a-lifetime experience. It really put our minds at ease while traveling knowing that we had all of the logistics, transportation, tours, etc. arranged for us by a true expert. [continued]

- noel & john s., Tuscany, Chianti, Pompeii, and More  

...Every guide that we had on our private tours was personable, accommodating and so informative, you felt like you were taking a stroll with one of your friends learning about the unique culture and history of each Italian city. 

Liana's follow through and personal attention to our needs throughout the entire process was just incredible. 

We could not have made a better decision to work with Liana as she planned a trip which we will remember forever!"

- noel & john s., Tuscany, Chianti, Pompeii, and More 

"After my initial searches for Italy tours and itineraries, it did not seem that our dream trip was actually possible! When I found Liana, she turned our dreams (and then some) into reality. From the start of the planning process, we could tell that our trip would be unique and handcrafted and catered to our liking.

Her process works. The initial surveys and phone calls seem simple at first, but when we took a first look at our itinerary I was blown away by how much attention was paid to even minor details!  The trip planning was smooth and seamless, and required very minimal effort on our part - which was a relief. [continued]


...The final itinerary is so well mapped out and organized, we felt at ease the entire trip - it was almost like having Liana there with us to guide us through each leg of our journey. The experiences she planned and the drivers we had all exceeded our expectations. Added together, they made the most amazing trip. We are on cloud nine every time we have a chance to relive our trips through our incredible photos and sharing stories with our family and friends.

We cannot thank Liana and her team at Italiana Travel Design enough for our beautiful, dream vacation of a lifetime! ."

- Shannon & Tyler P., traveled to Assisi, Amalfi Coast, Montepulciano, and More

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Full Itinerary Planning

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Expert Travel Consulting

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Sabbatical Consulting & Planning

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Whether fully custom from start to finish, or customizing an expertly-designed itinerary in our Select Portfolio collection, this option delivers a done-for-you dream trip to Italy!

Ideal for DIY planners, budget-conscious travelers, or those visiting Italy as part of a larger trip. Unrestricted access to an expert to review, troubleshoot, & advise as needed.

The option that every creative entrepreneur needs. Not restricted to Italy, we work together to determine your personal needs & goals for sabbatical (even mini-sabs) & make it happen!

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