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I am a systems strategist and OBM/PM who helps online entrepreneurs drive results and provide a stellar client experience through strategy and systems so that they can scale and grow their business while making time and space for what matters most: living your best life while running a business, instead of letting it run you.



leslie Mazzei

business strategy

workflow & systems

my dream clients say that I am...

Dependable, Service-Oriented, Go-Getter

I make a splash in the following areas:

Serving with heart

Interjecting movie quotes in normal conversation

Having a Marie Forleo “Everything is Figureoutable” with a Marie Kondo “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” approach




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leslie Mazzei

client testimonials

"In a short 6 months, I went from disorganized, struggling to respond to my clients, not properly marketing my products, to having professional product reviews posted on a weekly bases which boosted my product sales by 50%, my clients were very pleased to have immediate responses and with that being addressed, my books were ultimately fixed as well."

- lisa g., Q+A with SJ // SJ's Beauty Bar

"One thing I truly appreciated about her services is that she not only boosted my business, but she kept me accountable for things I needed to hold up on my end to keep the business thriving. I cannot thank her enough for not only turning my business around, but being a fantastic mentor, a listening ear, and more importantly, someone I call my friend."

- lisa g., Q+A with SJ // SJ's Beauty Bar

"When my first new client fills out the day-of proposal and I did not lift ONE finger for this $1000+ invoice to be created & paid.


- katy a., Lewes Lettering Co

"Clarke & Co. is a must hire if you want an expert to come in and set up your process for you.

Leslie is easy to work with and is worth every penny."

- brooke j., Brooke Janae Photography

services + offerings

Launch Support

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Online Business Management

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Systems Strategy & Set Up

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You have a super rad idea but you need help organizing, managing, & doing #allthethings to get it out to the world. I'll help take those big dreams & turn them into a well organized reality.

Running a biz is hard! But you don't have to do it alone. Let me be your back bone & biz bestie that keeps your biz running like a well oiled machine w/ emphasis on your client experience.

Have the tools & tech but no time? Let me set up your systems to keep you running efficiently while your tech does all the heavy lifting; leaving you time for more heart, & less hustle.

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