Dubbed “the brand therapist” by past clients, Kristen helps creative entrepreneurs to articulate their vision, put words around their potential, and create a beautiful and purposeful brand that reflects the very best of who they are — so they can build a thriving and sustainable business doing what they love.



Kristen VanderHoek

business strategy


my dream clients say that I am...

encouraging, organized, word magician

I make a splash in the following areas:

Turning your jumbled-up ideas and questions into a clear, actionable, and perfect-for-you plan

Creating a core brand message that feels truly authentic to who you are and where you're going

Translating your vision into strategic website copy and brand visuals that elevate your brand and business to the next level




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Kristen VanderHoek

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client testimonials

"Our updated brand message and design is like standing in front of a mirror — it’s so US! Our clients love it because it truly speaks to them and reflects what we do, and we love it because it reflects our future and where we want the business to go. If you want to just “knock out” a branding project using copy-paste and templates, use Google. But if you really need your branding to capture who you are and to target your right market, work with Kristen. She will make the magic happen!"

- Livia Zheng, Optimal Show Experience 

"Working with Kristen gave me so much clarity. She gave me the words and the confidence to speak to clients about what my businesses and what we offer and also the value that comes along with it. I keep my Brand Vision Guidebook in arm’s reach on my desk, and I can usually tell within the first couple conversations with a potential client if it is in alignment with what I do and where I'd like to take the business." 

- dylan h., capital content

"Working with Kristen was such a wonderful experience. It was just what I needed to increase confidence in my writing and get a solid start on content that speaks in my brand's voice and resonates with my ideal client."

- Dondrea O., The Creative’s CFO

"I was walking around in circles beating my head against a wall, and I walked away from our Brand Retreat Day feeling like a million dollar brand. Kristen helped me see what my brand could be and what has been itching to get out all along. It takes the pressure off my shoulders to try to do and be all things to all people, and has profoundly simplified my marketing strategy going forward. Thank you!!"

- Tiffany Eurich, Ph.D., TIFFANY EURICH PR STrategy & Media training 

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