Hi friend! After several years in brand marketing and public relations, I traded in my corporate perks + office setting and launched Kindly, a creative studio focused on brands that are inspired, meaningful, and packed with personality. At Kindly, we know from experience that crafting a brand that's compelling entails pulling out pieces of your story in a way that effortlessly attracts your dream clients and customers. Our team merges our strategy-driven background with our love for visual design making every work day a DREAM. If your heart skips a beat at the site of fun typography, playful colors, artful design elements, and a meaningful story behind it all, we might be a match made in design heaven!



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"I am obsessed! My branding is now my favorite part of my whole business! Working with Kelsea and the Kindly team was amazing. Their process was seamless and I absolutely loved all the designs. Their professionalism throughout the whole process made me feel so at ease and I knew I was getting beyond what I paid for. They brought what I had in mind to life. I get comments on how beautiful my branding is ALL the time and it's helping me attract more of the right clients."

- Michelle Nemirovsky, Oak & Keys

"Kelsea and Mollie blew me away! I swear they are magicians. They were able to create a brand so perfect that not only represents me as a person but also the clients we work with and want to attract. I am in a creative space myself but I couldn't have created what Kelsea and Mollie did - it just oozes fun and sophistication! I feel like their process was able to take what was in my head and completely transform it. I could not be happier! I feel super confident in my brand and it's attracting more couples that are already excited and ready to work with us."

- Bianca Nichole & Co.

"This team was an absolute dream to work with! They took all of our inspiration and fine-tuned it to make a comprehensive plan that best fit our vision. Incredibly organized, responsive and very creative! They enhanced our brand to a whole new level, making it more mature and professional. It was amazing to see our little business turned into a new, more improved version. I wouldn't change a single thing. We love our new branding so much and so does everyone who comes across it. We are already getting higher-end client inquiries and we can't wait to see where our business ends up down the road! This team understood our vision better than we did - they are rockstars!"

- Cayleigh Lotesto, The Petal Report

"The entire experience from the very first email made me feel like I was their only client. It was truly the most perfect process. Everything was magical and our new branding has completely legitimized our brand. No detail in communication was spared. I knew exactly what to expect and when to expect it. The end result is perfect and the best part is that as our brand evolves, our branding is leading and guiding us on our journey. This team is seriously the best!"

-Danielle Ammon, Little Paper boat co.

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Our team will work with you to conceptualize a complete brand design that tells your story and attracts your DREAM client. This package includes everything you need to get your business up-and-running the right way.

This collection includes everything in our Essential Collection plus additional logo marks, brand patterns or textures, and collateral pieces.

This collection includes everything in our Expanded Collection plus a custom website designed on Showit! (In fact, the site you're looking at was custom-designed by Kindly!)

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