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I'm a Showit developer and designer that helps other Showit designers focus on design by taking the development and miscellaneous design work off their plates! I have a BFA in graphic design and a passion for working with other creatives. I drink way too much coffee and post too many pictures of my cats, Cat Stevens and Eleanor Rigby, on Instagram.





my dream clients say that I am...

fast-acting, detail-oriented, and quirky

I make a splash in the following areas:

Building Showit sites out freaky fast

Having an eye for design in the development process

Willingness to learn new things in order to further support my clients

Teaching people the Showit platform in an easy way that makes sense





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katie Harrington

client testimonials

"Working with Katie has been my secret weapon as a business owner! As my business grew, I knew I needed to have a capable, technologically savvy, and timely designer on my team to help with ongoing work — and Katie was just that! She is dependable, does amazing work, and I love how seamlessly she has worked with my team and clients to deliver amazing experiences all-around. Thank you, thank you Katie, for all you do!!!"

- Kelsey K., Pinegate Road

"Katie has literally been a godsend for me. I have been a brand and web designer for ten years and I wish I would have found her so much sooner. I was recently advised by a business coach that I really needed to start contracting out my web development work. I was hesitant at first because I naively felt like if I wasn't doing all the work, I didn't merit the client's payment. But oh my goodness, I was so wrong. 

Using Katie has actually been an enhancement to my business and workflow. I get to do what I love - the design portion, and then she brings it to life perfectly, just as I envisioned it for the client. Her attention to detail and natural eye for design have ensured that my designs are coming to life correctly. [continued]

 - Leslie V., Leslie Vega Design

[continued] Not only is she great with detail, but she is very savvy with the ShowIt platform and so fast! I was so surprised to receive my first preview of a client's site within days of providing the design files. This is so key to my clients' process and their timely experience with me.

My experience with Katie has been wonderful and I hope to partner with her for a long time as my business continues to grow."

 - Leslie V., Leslie Vega Design

"In order for my business to continue to grow, I knew I needed to start hiring support around me to help with the work. I am so happy I found Katie! She is amazing to work with and so good at what she does. She has become such a key part of my work flow; taking my designs and actually building out my client’s websites. The time she has saved me has been so valuable and has allowed me to take on more clients! Thank you Katie - you’re the best!!"

- Rachelle D., 86th and Trend

"Katie has been such a dream to work with. As someone who became super busy extremely fast in my business, it was hard for me to let go of control. When I finally handed over the development of my Showit websites to Katie, my entire world changed! It’s given me so much peace of mind, and I have more time to continue pushing my business forward. She’s super reliable, self-sufficient, and always delivers. Highly suggest!"

- Alex K., High Moon Studio

services + offerings

Showit Development

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I need that!

hire katie

White Label Web Design

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i need that!

hire KATIE

hourly showit support

option three:

i need that!

hire KATIE

Sick of designing your sites out as mockups and then having to rebuild them again in Showit? I take your design files and turn them into a fully functioning Showit website in two weeks or less!

Want to design the branding and say, a homepage and pass off the rest of the design? I'm your girl. I take existing branding and one or two pages of a site and build the rest of the site out for you.

Need some help with your Showit site? Hire me by the hour to make edits, tweaks or updates to your Showit site.

a little Q&A


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myers briggs:

i can't live without....

my go-to coffee order...

a fun fact about me...


Self-Starter, detail-oriented, friendly


Comfy pants, a good cup of coffee

and my friends + family (oh and the internet, duh)

Iced coffee - no room!

I worked in the music industry for

10 years prior to building my business!