Kari Roberts is a Physical Therapist, turned freelance makeup artist, turned business coach. She works with women who start or grow their creative businesses. She helps clients figure out time management and systems that allow them to grow their business while still having enough time and energy for work, business, and home life.



kari roberts



my dream clients say that I am...

Passionate, Relatable, Practical

I make a splash in the following areas:

Implementing systems to help my clients create successful businesses

Asking thought-provoking questions so my clients can be more efficient

Keeping up with my color-coded paper planner




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client testimonials

"Kari was able to tell me what each month for the rest of the year was for me. Helped me schedule out a timeline for events happening in my business. She just doesn't cover the top surface things, she digs deep into "why it is you do what you do" "what are your long term goals" - Kari truly has a passion for what she does and it shows. I would recommend a coaching call for anyone, no matter what season of your business you are in. It's amazing to me how she lays everything out for you and within an hour implements systems for you to follow to strengthen your business!"

- Tiffany H.

"Kari is easily one of the most efficient and productive people I've ever met. She has a special ability to ask thought-provoking questions that'll yield you answers you would've never arrived at on your own. From an outside perspective, she is able to look deep into your business and see where you can be more efficient, productive so that ultimately you're more profitable. It helps that she is personable and will tell you how it is. Thank you, Kari!!!"

- Michelle C., Michelle Isabel & Co

"I have received expert advice through the VIP coaching service. I have learned how to put structure around my business, how to define what I offer and what I do for my clients, how to get paid for the information that I was providing for free and effective tools that allow me to manage clients and spend more time doing other things. Your business can grow and expand to the next level with the right business coach. Kari is the BEST! All of my sessions have been absolutely invaluable in terms of learning about and developing the critical structures and tools for my business and getting it to the next level. I would absolutely recommend my friends and family who are growing their own businesses to do VIP coaching with Kari."

- Monica M., AKA Blue Love

services + offerings

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VIP coaching is for entrepreneurs needing high-touch support and accountability. You’ll receive ongoing mentoring and support. Coaching is completely tailored to individual goals.

Assist in strategizing offers, revenue streams, and marketing plans. Also offer knowledge, ideas, advice, and solutions to the goals, systems, tools, and workflows of your business.

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