I'm a former wedding planner that now serves wedding pros as an Integrator, Systems Strategist, and Virtual Assistant. I take your big dreams and help you execute them while giving you your time back.





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detail-obsessed, funny, and empowering

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creating workflows and systems for wedding pros

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“"I have been working with Julie for about 4 years now and I can't think of a better person to whip me into shape and keep me accountable as a "solopreneur."

She truly blends in with my company and is my second voice.

You will not be disappointed with Julie."

- magda s., Zuzu's Petals Events

"Julie has been such an invaluable addition to our team!

I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to streamline workflows and free up more of your own time.

You’ll end up with more business in the end!"

- danny r., Danny Ray and the Acoustic Production

"Oh my gosh, how do I even describe Julie?! She has seriously been life changing for me!!! The amount of time she saves me with admin work is worth every single penny! I have more freedom to spend more time with my family and it makes all the difference! I REALLY love that I do not have to micromanage her and she is very independent and efficient with her time. She's incredible at staying on top of her to-do list without needing reminders or prompting from me!! And she has incredible professionalism in responding to my emails!! She is so appreciated!"

- holly o., Inn of the Seventh Ray

"I searched for a solid virtual assistant for many, many months. I believe I had almost 5 VAs come through my business until I found Julie. Immediately when we hopped on the phone for an interview, I knew she was exactly what I was looking for. She knows ALL the online platforms (Kajabi, Gmail, Flodesk, CRM systems, Slack, Shopify, etc) without you having to teach them, which Is unheard of and a massive lifesaver for online businesses. Julie is also phenomenal at being a self taught learner and getting things done without asking. I cannot tell you the number of times she’s had things done before I even had to ask because she anticipates the next move and is there working behind-the-scenes without you even having to tell her a thing. Not to mention, she initiated SOPs in my business quickly because she saw they were needed to help create a better workflow for all my remote team members. She went from virtual assistant to content manager at The Legal Paige within just a few months because she was THAT GOOD! I cannot imagine my business without her, and I cannot recommend her as a team member enough. She's not only a great worker, but also funny as heck and a lovely person to work alongside day-in and day-out. Just do yourself a favor and give her a shout. You’ll never look back because your business will be so organized and taken care of when she’s around."

- Paige G., The Legal Paige and Lead Attorney at Griffith Law, PLLC

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systems audit

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Turnkey Systems Setup

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Virtual Assistant Services

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Already have some systems and workflows in place but not sure it's seamless or clicking for your clients? Let me comb through it and provide suggestions and how to implement them.

I will suggest the best CRM for you and build your Systems and Workflows from the ground up.

From inbox management to wedding submissions to timelines - I can handle all of the pesky admin related tasks and anything else your wedding loving heart can dream up!

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Command, Positivity, Discipline

ISFJ-A (though I've also been typed ESTJ)

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Laughter, Books, Cookie Dough

Iced Vanilla Coffee, Extra Cream

I was a musical theatre major!

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