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Julie is a Maine-based hospitality manager turned virtual assistant with a keen eye for detail, a knack for solving seemingly impossible problems and the ultimate goal of client satisfaction. Julie's professional experience has been scored by customer feedback-driven measures, providing her with the utmost understanding of hospitable success. The demands of her leadership positions in hospitality have provided her with a foundational expertise in service, professionalism, discretion, confidentiality and trust.





my dream clients say that I am...

thoughtful, funny, professional

I make a splash in the following areas:

Approach every client relationship with equal amounts of kindness and empathy

Ensure every client feels valued, heard, respected and appreciated

Operate with a forward amount of humor and transparency at all times




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JULIE Kennedy

client testimonials

"During a very operationally challenged season for our business due to COVID, Julie was an incredible asset to us on an as needed basis for event logistics. Always armed with a smile, a can-do attitude and extremely detailed oriented nature, she provided us with pre/post event logistics, hiring and execution of the event itself. She was a delight to work with and received delightful reviews from guests."

- Sarah P., Tops'l Farm

"On previous projects, Julie was incredibly thorough, professional and was able to contribute her knowledge and skills to projects assigned to her to take them above and beyond what we would have been able to accomplish on our own. We continue to work with Julie and she has become an extraordinarily valuable extension of our team, we feel confident in our lean operations because we know we have her to lean on for overflow and growth periods."

- Alexandra C., Bon Bon Bon

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love language:

i can't live without....

my go-to coffee order...

a fun fact about me...


Honest, humor and insightful


Acts of Service

My family and friends.....and coffee

Iced and black!*

I can recite all 45 presidents in order by memory.

*Except when it's fall, and then iced with a little pumpkin flavor.