Jess helps creative business owners turn passionate mumblings into words people actually "get" through one-on-one copywriting and The Promptlate Shop. With her connection approach to conversion copy, she's worked with everyone from solopreneurs to companies like HoneyBook to up their word game. Also known as the iced coffee copywriter, for obvious reasons.



jess jordana



my dream clients say that I am...

quirky, passionate, scary-good listener

I make a splash in the following areas:

Remembering coffee orders

helping biz owners trade measuring up for owning their story



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client testimonials

“Jess is an absolute godsend.

She listened to my story and what I wanted to achieve for my business and what she has written was far better than anything I could have come up with by myself.

I can't thank her enough and am so excited about my new website copy."

- Ashley T., The Constant Wayfarer

"I could not ask for a better copywriter!

I feel like my business has now a clear message that my potential clients can relate. Since launching my page I've got so many compliments and people were saying 'I feel exactly the way you described in your website'. And that's exactly what I aimed for when I started working with Jess.

She was able to organize my thoughts and put them into the right words."

- Carolina P., THE KALE CLUB

"I just had my first ever 5-FIGURE month!

After working with Jess, I just had my first ever 5-FIGURE month for my membership program. I saw almost a 50% increase in sign ups (and retention!) after putting my brand new sales funnel in place.

I cannot thank Jess enough for the amazing words and strategy that made this possible."

- ALEXANDRIA H., Well Styled Essentials

"Jess has a true gift of bringing your mission, heartbeat, and story to life.

Working with Jess was a true blessing because she not only just gets the vision that you have but she believes in it with you.

I highly recommend working with her as she has the passion to serve you and to dig deep into who you are and the message that the world needs to hear!"


services + offerings

The Promptlate Shop

option one:

I need that!

hire JESS

Brand Messaging Guide

option two:

i need that!

hire JESS

Done-for-You Website Copy

option three:

i need that!

hire JESS

A DIY makeover for your website copy:
-Prompts: To get the ideas out of your head and onto paper.
-Templates: Your choice of templates to fit your page goals
-Bonus: Video Mini-Lessons unique to each website page

We'll define your CORE message: What you do, who you do it for, and how to talk about it in a way that creates brand recognition (a.k.a. what to say and how to say it). This guide gives you confidence to show up and do what you do best. Our past clients affectionately call it The Brand Voice Bible.

This package will set you up to capture attention and convert visitors to clients and customers with your website message. 6 pages of done-for-you website copy plus a brand messaging guide to define your message for the long-haul. Estimated Timeline: 3 weeks

a little Q&A



myers briggs:

love language:

i can't live without....

my go-to coffee order...

a fun fact about me...


Futuristic, Intellection, Activator



My hubs (Presley) + my pup (Joey Tribbiani)

Iced breve latte!

I competed in an Acting, Modeling, 

Music competition when I was 14 and I still get Facebook messages from agents who listen to my demo! (CRAZY)

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