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jenn pochobradsky

Working full time, being a wife and mom and chasing my dream was draining my energy and joy. Something had to change. I’ve always been Type-A, so my default was to dive into finding efficiencies and getting things in order so I could free up my mental and calendar space. Reduce worry with organization and systems.

Over the years, I have come to realize that building a solid foundation to your business, just like in marriage, is so important. No, it doesn’t have to be perfect and yes, you can ‘make do’ with things for a while. BUT - when it’s time to start growing and reaching more clients, you need that foundation to be there. 

I believe that there is more to life than sitting in front of your screens. That you can run a successful business, love your clients well AND spend time with loved ones and live YOUR life! 

By getting things in order and working for you on the business side, you will have that time and energy back in your life to be your best self - for your clients, your family and YOU!


Harper Hadley Creative

WORKFLOW & SYSTEMS AUDIT: Have you tried to create systems and workflows in the past, but they aren’t as efficient as you need them to be? Maybe you don’t even know where to start, but you know you need something. We’ll look at what you have and I’ll help make sure you have a system in place that works for you, so you always know where everything is.

SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION: You know you need systems, but don't have time to get them set up! We'll look at what you have and/or need, then I’ll do the legwork and hand over a shiny, working system that you can run with!

SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: Systems & workflows are living, breathing things that evolve as your business does. Let's set aside some time and get you some accountability to keep them running smoothly!

fun facts!

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Wife, Mom, Encourager, Type-A, Coffee lover

i work best

at my desk in a comfy sweater with natural light pouring in

with a

hot cup of coffee and music blasting

and often have

my Simplified Planner, fav notebook & extra fine blue Pilot pen on deck!

fact 01

I organize my closet (shoes and hanging clothes) by color and weight/season. It's so pretty and colorful!

fact 02

I can't sleep if everything isn't tidied up. There's just something so relaxing about starting the day fresh in a tidied home, before munchkin pulls it all out again!

fact 03

If I could travel back in time, it's a toss up between the 40's (Frankie!) and 60's (Audrey Hepburn!). If based on fashion alone, it'd be the 40's all the way!

My workflows weren't doing as much for me as they should be, and I felt overwhelmed with client to-do's quite often. After only five minutes, Jenn had a bunch of recommendations and ideas that I could implement

Anna Koppelaar

If you run a creative small business and don't have your workflow and systems set up, you have to hire Jenn right now! I always knew that there was more to my business that I could simplify and automate, but Jenn had so many suggestions and options that I wasn't even aware of!

Lindsay Johnson

After working with Jenn, I feel much more confident in my ability to serve my clients well and at a higher level as my business grows.

Anna Koppelaar

I can't believe how much more organized I feel and how much time I save on each of my processes. Jenn was so patient, encouraging, and organized, and she worked with the systems I already used. So if you're looking for more time (which = more money!), reach out to Jenn and watch your business be transformed!"

Lindsay Johnson

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