Hi! I'm Gigi, Cat mom to Tiger, JR & Arnie, wife to Dan, and CEO of My Cats and Me Bookkeeping. I help creative entrepreneurs translate their numbers into stories they can understand, so they can make smarter, more intentional business decisions. While I may be a numbers girl, I’m a creative entrepreneur just like you.



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Giovana bier

client testimonials

"We have been working with Giovana for over 4 years. She's is exceptional to work with - she's responsive, knowledgable and on top of tasks and deadlines. Gio takes on all work with a smile and collaborates with others when required. She's always on top of her tasks, works great with the team, is a very good listener and is very attentive to details. I know I don't need to worry about the books, communication with vendors and employees or any compliance item ahead of us. To have the confidence that our employees are getting paid on time and correctly, and that tax season will be a but smoothly due to her work through the year is an amazing feeling."

- DAVID C., Brightidea Incorporated

"Giovana is a lifesaver! I started my own business without knowing the first thing about bookkeeping and quickly realized I was in dire need of some help. I contacted Giovana and she stepped in immediately. In no time, my finances were in order and my books never looked better. Whether it’s an email, sales tax issue or an invoicing problem, Giovana handles it with a sense of calm, expertise and grace that instantly puts you at ease. Not to mention her response time is quick and punctual. I and my business are forever grateful that we found Giovana."

- DAN B., Two Inches Short

"Before I hired My Cats And Me, I felt like I needed someone I could trust, someone I could ask questions about what I should be doing to manage my business finances. I thought I should be able to do this myself and save the money from hiring a bookkeeper. When I met Giovana, I felt I could trust her to do what is best for me and my business. The best outcome from this partnership is to know that Giovana has my back - my finances are all covered. I feel like I have someone on my team. Now I can decide 100% what do to with my time."

- DANBEE S., Danbee Design

"Financial organization and bookkeeping are not my strong suit but I know it’s critical for a successful business.

Since hiring My Cats And Me Bookkeeping, I feel a sense of relief in being able to have someone to ask questions when it comes to financial trends and projections in my business.

Giovana works quickly, responds quickly and made me feel like everything was going to be ok."

- CRYSTAL C., The Crystal Collection

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You need someone you trust to translate the story those numbers are telling you, so you can have greater peace of mind in your business and make more educated decisions about what’s next.

Got big plans for your business? Let’s make sure your finances are in a place to support that vision. I’m here to listen to what you want and help you create a financial plan to get there.

CATNIP for a day is a day where we can put together your CATNIP plan: Complete Abundant Transformation by Nurturing Intentional Profit. Yes, that is your financial business blueprint, in a day.

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[Profitable, Aligned Wealth Strategies]

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