At Erica Powell & Co. we offer branding, Wordpress Website Design, and strategic business coaching for high ticket service entrepreneurs in the business services, events, and lifestyle industries. We help our clients to close more high end clients so they can multiply their revenue without working harder.



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"I started working with Erica 3 years ago and jumped in with branding, website design, and coaching! Let me just say...absolute BEST decision of my life! My business has never been more successful with Erica’s proven methods and strategies. She is pretty much a wizard who will take you to a next level of your business that you never even thought was imaginable. Since we started, I have 8x my revenue, closing the highest contracts of my career, attracting only dream clients who are willing to pay high ticket prices, created a marketing system that has sky-rocketed my monthly sales, created systems, processes and automation to help me focus on being the CEO of my company, created a huge team of on-demand artists in different markets, made huge referral partnerships with her other clients who share my same mind set as we grow our businesses together, and the list goes on and on! I truly only trust Erica with my business strategies, marketing, and coaching, because she is proof that all of these things can and will happen (and in a very short time for that matter!) The only advice I can say is that I wish I had met Erica even sooner!"

- Julie O., Julie Occhino Luxury Beauty

"The single best thing we have done for our business to date: met Erica Elizabeth Powell. She has helped us transform our business, and has given us tools to up-level our business and our services. Since we started working with Erica and her team, our business has been thriving. Our pricing has increased by an average of 4x (& up to 5x)! We’ve been able to buy our own building, brand new trucks, build our team, expand our services, and open a new division of our company."

- Robin S., Deliciously Different Specialty Items

"Since working with Erica, I have tripled my income! I have 3x my prices, 3x my income, increased my inquiries by 5x, and in the first 6 months of the year, I made more than all of last year. My average contracts before The Joie Society were around $1,500 for one time clients, and now I have been able to close retainer clients at $6k per month for my services (that’s 72k for the year!). I’ve been able to build my team, scale my services, and 3x my profits per project."

- Stephanie S., Life Made Simple

"Erica has provided me with the training that has helped me to be more strategic with my sales but has also brought me to a whole new mindset level. I am attracting higher end clients that are paying a premium price. The biggest win (without a doubt) has been my increase in pricing. I have had my largest contracts to date this year. I also closed 5 paid in full contracts and numerous other new sales at the price I want to charge ($10k+) which has allowed me to invest in my business as needed without loans or credit cards."

- Terri L., The Promise Gardens

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We offer custom branding and Wordpress website design for entrepreneurs who want to attract and close high dollar dream clients.

The Joie Society is our step by step coaching program for service entrepreneurs who want to attract and close more of the high dollar dream clients they love working with most.

Ready to get started? Watch our free Masterclass to learn the simple shifts you can make with your business to attract and close more of the dream clients you love working with most.

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