Hi, I'm Char! I’m a video & content marketer who specializes in virtual assistant services to create ease, consistency, and joy for portrait photographers & creators. Think of me as your biz bestie that does marketing, social, & video for you.
I want you to wake up EVERY DAY eager to work, create and be present for your those you adore.



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dependable, easy to work with, experienced

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I'm a great listener

I love all things video marketing

I believe connection is business




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client testimonials

 "Before hiring Charlene to be my virtual assistant I had no idea what someone in this line of work could actually do for my business. As a photographer I have a very specific need in my industry and when I looked at other virtual assistance it seemed too broad. I really didn't want to have to train someone else on the lingo of my industry or items that are very specific to what I do as a photographer. I wanted someone who got it, who knew my pain points and could address them quickly. Charlene does all of my social media cause I can't stand to do it. I use 17 hats as my CRM and she has helped me refine it and create new documents of all types and also checked spelling and grammatical errors. CRM's are no joke and you definitely need somebody in your corner to help you with them or it will take forever to get done and to get done correctly. In my industry video is a big deal right now for marketing and Charlene has been very helpful with video editing. The last thing I wanted to do is learn a new type of software it's so wonderful to just have somebody that can come in and take care of that. She is polished up my blog posts And helped with SEO on my blog posts as well as my website she has created content marketing and digital downloads. One of my favorite things is that I can contact her and bounce ideas off of her to get me back on track or to come up with fresh ideas! I'm so grateful to have her in my corner!"

- Courtney, Courtney Ranck-Copher       Photography

"Working with Charlene was very easy and pleasant. She is a great mix of fun and professional! I was impressed with how she really took the extra step in every aspect of working with her, something I rarely see from others. The service was definitely more than I expected. It was easy to trust Charlene and know that the work she was in charge of was being taken care of, and being done with care. Charlene is very passionate about delivering quality, and clearly enjoys what she does. Charlene made it easy to communicate with her and checked in with me on a regular but not too often schedule. Working with Charlene was a huge time and energy saver for me, she stepped in with her area of expertise and it was a relief to be able to let someone else take care of the project and know it was in good hands, I am very happy with the end result! I know that anyone that chooses to work with Charlene will enjoy the experience and be taken good care of!"

- Sarah b., work life sarah

"I was in a time crunch and needed video editing and guidance! I knew to call on Char for the job and she took it by the reigns and made the vision I wanted to come together. She goes above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need."

- Crystal b., shape your success coaching

services + offerings

Project Done

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Marketing & Social Media

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One to One Consulting

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Fix and/or set up a part of your marketing & client systems that aren't working for you.  

You have some things figured out. But...you have that one project that doesn't seem to come together.  

Whether it is putting your workflow together in your CRM so you can have a nearly hands-free upscale client experience, a video edited, or just an email sequence written. I can fix it.

Do marketing for you

Marketing tasks take a long time and you haven't been getting results. You end up scrolling and it feels like you're randomly marketing your business.  

Social Media and Digital Marketing (even videos) can be done for you with your brand and creative business in mind.

Advise you on your next steps

Clarity... You need it now.
Marketing your business can be like searching for an earring back in a dark room. You just need someone to point you in the right direction.  

I can evaluate your current marketing and show you the next steps to take to on your marketing journey.

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