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I’m Chantelle, decaf coffee drinker and big thinker! As a Squarespace designer and business mentor, I turn all-over-the-place ideas into crystal-clear reality that aligns with your ideal clients. Like a clear quartz crystal makes other stones more powerful, I amplify your energy + efforts so that you can grow in meaningful ways.



Chantelle Andercastle



my dream clients say that I am...

intuitive, passionate, honest

I make a splash in the following areas:

helping clients feel seen and reflecting their truth

cohesive + professional design

fast, on-time launches




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Chantelle Andercastle

client testimonials

"I had a dream of creating a website and blog for many years. A few months before I found Chantelle, I tried creating my own website and quickly lost ambition. Enter Chantelle. From one quick glance at her IG profile, specifically the “I take your all-over-the-place ideas and make them crystal clear” part, I was 100% sold. Chantelle is a dream to work with. She is very attentive, quick to respond to messages, and at our first meeting (the one where I brought my note book with pages and pages of scattered ideas) she asked thoughtful questions and empowered me on my quest for a brand + website. Chantelle has a serious gift of taking what’s in her clients heart and mind and bringing it to life in such a beautiful, meaningful way. I am so happy with the way things worked out and I would highly recommend her to anyone! (and I do!)"

- Amber E., This One Life

"I was nervous when I met with Chantelle for the first time, but she right away put me at ease and I immediately felt I could trust her. Chantelle can search out an individual's voice, put aside herself, and really work hard to represent her client. She made me feel safe to show her who I was, and then worked hard to be true to that. I loved how Chantelle was a serene lake when my mind was a roaring jumble of everything! I have had a hard time looking at myself and my work objectively, and she accomplished presenting the summary of my essence in a cohesive and flowing website. I loved our collaboration, and I am so proud to send people to my website!"

- Crystal N., C Nykoluk Earthshaper

"Before working with Chantelle I had several different ideas and areas of my business that I had no idea how to unify. She made me think beyond products and services so I could really define the values behind my brand. She answered all my questions and showed me some great examples, and I now have an amazing brand that represents exactly what I want it to! After working with Chantelle, I finally understand what people are looking for on Pinterest and have a much better idea about what kind of content will generate traffic to my business. Chantelle is amazing to work with and incredibly knowledgeable!"

- Nicole H., WOW Academy 

"Chantelle has been with me before I even knew what my business would be. She has met with me, listened and guided me through it all. Her Instagram profile is a constant resource to me, it has directed me through determining my business, to my target audience and brand identity. I have enjoyed being a part of her various endeavours like her mastermind group and Clarity Calls. She has helped me to look at problems differently and to identify my areas of resistance and troubleshoot them. She is a gem of a person inside and out! I would not be where I am without her in my life as a friend and mentor."

- Amanda B., Soulful Life by Amanda

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An intentional, four-week branding, messaging + custom website design experience that delivers a stunning site written in your brand voice along with unmistakable newfound confidence.

Micro-coaching and tangible deliverables that’ll save you tons of time and endless scrolling. Leave indecision in the (crystal) dust and get clear on what to do next to elevate your business.

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