My name is Carly Totten, and I’m a copywriter and social media manager for the wedding and lifestyle industries and an event planner for couples. I live to learn the “why” behind your story as a business owner but also as a person. Who you are is more important than what you are, and that needs to be shared. I write because it’s a creative way for me to process anything and everything, and I love sharing the stories of others around me. Words and details matter because they have the power to bring you joy to share with others. I’m kind, creative, and likely to make you laugh. I love marriage more than weddings, I live to travel even though flying is my least favorite activity, and I’m constantly curious about everyone around me. I am grateful every day to be right here because that means I have the privilege of working with you.



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my dream clients say that I am...

Kind, Supportive, & Thoughtful

I make a splash in the following areas:

I delve deeper to uncover the "why" behind my clients' stories to create more personalized copy


I'm known for my quick turnaround times


I have a big desire to watch others succeeD


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client testimonials

"Carly is the voice of my business. I may be creative with designing things, but writing is not my forté.

During the last few years, she has helped me to create a consistent branding voice throughout my blog, website copy, and social media.

She is so easy to work with and is so dependable."

- aPRIL C., April Lynn Designs

"Having the copy for our site done by Carly was one of the easiest and most pleasant experiences ever.

Having Carly take our convoluted idea of ourselves and translating it into beautiful, meaningful copy was like talking to an old friend. The process was so easy. Not only was she able to help us describe our way of working with couples, but we were also able to craft a story through her words.

 Carly is the only copywriter that we'll ever go to for our company."


"Carly is not only smart, she is incredibly thoughtful and can manage multiple similar clients in fresh ways that allow individual brands to truly shine. I don't need another yes-person who will only focus on doing what she's told. I need someone who cares enough about my brand and those of my clients to speak up when she sees something or has a brilliant idea. I think that's what makes Carly truly unique in this space. She is in partnership with me on every project. This partnership allows us to avoid the trap of just doing what everyone else is doing, and instead develop brand messaging that gets results.”

- Christie O., Mountainside Media

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Let's work together to create copy for your website, including your about, home, services, and contact pages. I also create sales, blog post, and newsletter copy. If you don't have the words, I do!

Whether you need help with Instagram captions or complete management of your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, I'm ready to help!

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