brooke olsen

I'm called a project partner, strategist, integrator, encourager, project leader, and a whole lot of other nice names by my clients -> but all you really need to know is that I'll feel like your right-hand woman in bringing you back from burnout and moving the needle on your executing your big, visionary dreams!

I'm a former accountant, with a passion for numbers and running a solid business operation. I'm a manager by nature, I find joy in the details, and I light up when I can proactively problem solve alongside you!

So, let's talk about your mighty and growing business. Let's talk about what you want in life. And let's get you on a solid trajectory with a clear focus of your next steps, so you can be the CEO of your dreams and get back to serving your clients with zest!


Brooke Olsen

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP: I help strategize, simplify and streamline your business. I've been called an Integrator, Project Manager, Business Manager, and Magical Unicorn at all different times. I am by your side as we uplevel the backend of your business to help save your sanity and grow your business with ease. The goal is for you to dream big, and have an implementor + action taking manager all in one!

STRATEGY + PRICING SESSIONS: Just need a little boost and business sounding board? We spend time getting to know your biggest needs around pricing, numbers, processes, and long term business strategy. We put together an action + implementation plan to get you rolling on refining the operational and client experience areas of your business!

fun facts!

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brooke olsen

project partner, integrator, strategist, extroverted introvert, office aficionado

i work best

with noise-canceling headphones

with an

iced decaf Americano with oat milk

and often have

a running notes list and napping cat nearby

fact 01

 I want to visit all the major National Parks in the USA via an Airstream camper!

fact 02

I've watched the Office and Parks and Rec so many times that I've lost count. 

fact 03

I secretly love packing for a trip; I play a game with myself to see how small of a bag I can use for my trip.

paige hulse

Brooke came into my business when truthfully, I was right on the edge of burnout. Not only was she able to take both my crazy "visionary" ideas and turn them into action, but more importantly, she was able to take the mess I had made on the backend of my business and help create momentum.

Before working with Brooke I was lost, overwhelmed and starting to feel burnt out - and I am only 11 months into being a business owner! I was accepting any work I was offered because my price points were so low I needed to accept anything I could to contribute to our family's finances. Now, just 2 weeks later, I feel confident when I give someone my base pricing and when my next opening is for onboarding! 


As my Strategic Project Partner, Brooke quite literally helped me go from burnout to having the best year of my business to date. All in a matter of months. I seriously can't recommend Brooke as a Strategic Project Partner any more fervently

paige hulse

I feel like Brooke allowed me to have confidence in my services, skills, price points and how valuable I am. Coming from the corporate world, I think that I still carry this air of not being valued or valuable to anyone - and I really believe that Brooke opened up my eyes to how valuable I truly am.


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