I bring the fire with the love to your business with operations, strategy, and systems. I'm a COO and integrator for driven, rebel visionary™ entrepreneurs. As a rebel visionary™, you don't fit in a box - which is why we don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach!

Cat mom, addicted to sweater weather, & always down for dessert.


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brooke olsen

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Trustworthy, passionate, and action-focused.

I make a splash in the following areas:

Systems and tech for the G-Drive power user

Creating workflows that make scaling sustainable

Taking fast action




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Brooke olsen

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“Before working with Brooke I was lost, overwhelmed and starting to feel burnt out - and I was only 11 months into being a business owner! I was accepting any work I was offered because my price points were so low I needed to accept anything I could to contribute to our family's finances. Now, just 2 weeks later, I feel confident when I give someone my base pricing and when my next opening is for onboarding!"


"As my Strategic Project Partner, Brooke quite literally helped me go from burnout to having the best year of my business to date. All in a matter of months. I seriously can't recommend Brooke as a Strategic Project Partner any more fervently."

- PAIGE H., Paige Hulse Law and the Creative Law Shop®

"From the moment I spoke with Brooke about coming onboard [with my business], I immediately felt a weight being lifted! Brooke took action right away by making sure my profit margins were where they needed to be, prioritizing offerings that best served not only my business but the life I wanted to lead."

- Lindsay L., The Lindsay Lucas and The Venue Academy

I met Brooke in early 2019 and loved learning about her approach to attacking the numbers side of your business. As a creative, prior to working with her, I was exhausted by the thought of trying to create streamlined budgets and financial plans for my business. As my business started experiencing organic growth, I realized that my needs for more intentional accounting and financial management practices were a must. After working with Brooke, for the first time, I felt empowered by the numbers in my business and how to make them work to benefit me, my growing team, and the future of my firm. The spreadsheets and templates she created throughout our time together are SERIOUSLY game changers and I have already started using them to help me manage the numbers side of my business. I feel more confident in my pricing strategy and my plans for building a financially sound business, even as I take on additional liabilities while working to grow my business in the coming years.

- Kristin S., KE Design Studio

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The Experience

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Improve your life in 90 minutes! Designed for fast action to take your client experience to the next level and gain back more time.

Designed to take you from chaotic to streamlined in your CRM system so you can serve your clients with ease!

When you have a million ideas but are missing the action plan, systems, and team to match— The Experience is for you!

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