As the owner of a boutique travel agency, I design seamless itineraries for travelers to inspire connection and deliver transformative experiences. My focus is on that sweet spot where luxury meets authentic, and I am able to create experiences specifically curated for you. Your only responsibility is to show up and enjoy it!



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"We were thrilled with the trip - beginning to end! I would say it exceeded our expectations in almost every moment of our travels. We SO loved the surprise element which was executed perfectly, felt your trip design met all the criteria we laid out, allowed us to experience Thailand moment by moment as we hadn't picked out the activities or plan - however - we felt totally organized and know we got a full experience thanks to your itinerary and the awesome local guides/recommendations. This trip was the PERFECT honeymoon for us, adventure, culture, excitement, pampering, relaxation, and AMAZING food. We particularly loved the way it was organized with the craziness of Bangkok followed by the slower / more in-depth Thai cultural activities and tours in Chiang Mai, and the full-on relaxation of Phuket.

- Emily E., traveled to Thailand (Surprise Honeymoon)

"Our time in Malta was everything I hoped it would be and more. I know that much of that is just the magic of traveling--and having perfect weather while on a stunning island in the Mediterranean is always going to be an ideal starting point. Everywhere we looked, we saw the most gorgeous vistas and views, we found amazing food, and we got to experience it all together for the first time. It was a total dream. BUT to have the chance to experience all of that stress-free, paid in advance, and perfectly planned--you've got to be kidding me! You took almost ALL of the unknowns out of this trip and created a relaxing, luxurious, high-end experience that was perfectly in our budget, and I just cannot get over how perfect it all was."

- Carly K., traveled to Malta

"We LOVED the trip. We knew we were going to have a great time, but it exceeded our expectations. The balance of busy, active time and chill downtime was really great. It's a different way for us to travel and I think it helped to make the trip feel longer and give us time to really soak the experience in. We typically try to see and do as much as we can when we travel - now we have another frame of reference when we're planning future trips. We know that in the right setting/atmosphere, some down time on a trip is really nice. It was a relief to hand the planning off to someone else and still end up with a trip that felt just like us. Thank you!!"

- Stacy R., traveled to hawaii

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I plan every detail of your vacation — ensuring that each meal, excursion, day trip, and place you lay your head down at night is nothing short of spectacular.

Together, we plan an entire years worth of travel -- from your two week trip to Europe to your anniversary getaway weekend -- and everything in between.

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