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Hi, I'm Annie, and I want to help you work smarter, not harder. Four years ago I started this wild, entrepreneurial journey with a stack of post-its, a drawer full of highlighters, and a trusty spreadsheet. Now I help small business owners select and implement the right systems to manage their operations so that the business runs smoothly.





workflow & systems

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trustworthy and loyal, direct and no-nonsense, detail-oriented

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automating processes

saving time

preserving sanity




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annie McCarty

client testimonials

“Hiring Annie was the best decision I made this year. Annie helped me renovate my client management systems, automated a ton of workflows and tasks that were previously 100% manual, and provided detailed notes in case I (or anyone else I brought into my team) had any questions as to how it was set up. Glorious organization.

I also have Annie to thank for creating a work management system for me to get a grip on all of my internal projects. All of the things I've been wanting to do, but couldn't figure out how to split up and plot out over time? They now have a new home — and are actually getting done...

- LAURA J., Paper & Honey®

...Not only did Annie help me get my $h!t together, improve all aspects of my client management, and lay a groundwork for easily onboarding a team in the future, but she did it all under the lens of my scattered and
naturally disorganized brain.

She listened closely to my unique needs, and built a system that actually WORKS for me. I've never had that before, and have never felt so empowered and capable." 

- laura j., Paper & Honey®

"Annie has helped me scale my business without sacrificing my personal time or sanity. She's able to see the things you can't when you're buried in your work. She cares for my business and clients as if they were her own. I could not be more grateful that she is a key member of our business. I only wish I met her sooner."

- jessica r., The Public Speaking Strategist

"Annie is a workflow and systems QUEEN! She implemented so many changes to my wedding photography business that have helped transform my communication and overall client experience. She set up my email automation, workflows, scheduling and project management systems, and it has given me the exact motivation I needed to kickstart even MORE exciting projects. I'd recommend her 10x over."

- hannah b., Hannah Bryerton Photography

"Annie is the BEST. I am all "right brain" and she is so beautifully organized... she is exactly the balance I needed. She was able to organize my CRM system and streamline not only my process, but my clients' as well."

- Jeanna H., Jeanna Hayes Photo & Design

services + offerings

Workflow Strategy + Systems Integration

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Ongoing Systems Maintenance

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Automated Client Gifting

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Does the business side of your business feel hard? And more time-consuming than it should be? We'll help you select and implement the right business systems so that your operations feel effortless.

Your business will grow and change and evolve - and your systems will too! With an ongoing maintenance contract, we'll help keep your systems running smoothly, even as things change.

Want to show your clients the love? Our custom-branded, on-demand gifting service helps busy business owners gift their clients in a way that feels personal for them, but efficiently automated for you.

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Strategic, Achiever, Relator


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Beer, Bluegrass, and my pup Greta

A hazy IPA 

(oh, did you say coffee? oops)

I'm a candlemaker, too!

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