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I'm the digital marketing soulmate you never knew you needed. After 10 years working in the wedding industry, as a planner + bridal boutique owner, I know every struggle a business owner faces - from overwhelm to indecision to just being too dang busy to get all the things done. I give wedding pros back the time and freedom they crave!



Adrienna McDermott



my dream clients say that I am...

creative (but loves a good spreadsheet), experienced, cheerful

I make a splash in the following areas:

Organizing the swirling thoughts in your head & turning it into action.

Taking wedding professionals from being behind to a season ahead.

Crossing off your to-do list so you can focus on doing the creative work you love.




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Adrienna McDermott

client testimonials

"Hiring her is without a doubt been the best thing I’ve done for my business in years. I started outsourcing everything that wasn’t getting done, or I didn’t like doing, or I wasn’t good at (it was a long list!) and she rocks every single project I give her. From prompt communication to delivering exceptional work, I have loved working with her every step of the way! Do your business the biggest favor possible and hire her immediately!"

- Wendy B., Apt. B Photography

"Hiring Ava And The Bee has alleviated many of the tasks that I hate doing and just never got done, allowing me peace of mind that they are being done efficiently and more effectively than I could do them and allowing me to focus on the other parts of my business that I enjoy or simply spending time with my family. You keep me findable on google and my SEO rankings high! I love that you offer suggestions when you see them - on things that you could do to improve my business or workflow, etc. [continued]

- Izzy H., Izzy and Co.

[continued] It's always nice to have someone watching out for you and thinking on your behalf because I don't always have the time to focus on ways to improve! The best thing about you is how much you care about the success of each of your clients. You don't just do the tasks asked of you, you make it obvious that you are always on the lookout for ways to improve the business and life of each of the businesses or people that you work with and that's super special!"


"Adrienna is FAST and so on top of it! I've also had a couple of weddings already be picked up to be published by some big publications! Outsourcing has freed me up time to focus on other things in my business, as well as maintain a better work-life balance. I can stick to working 40 hours per week (or sometimes less to enjoy more personal time!), even during busy wedding season. One of the best things about Ava and the Bee is how attentive to detail she is, and how FAST she is. My clients notice little details and appreciate timeliness, so the fact that she can provide that is GOLD. She truly is an amazing extension of my brand that I am PROUD to have on my team. [continued]

- Stephanie K., Stephanie Kase Photography

[continued] I 100% know she is going to take care of my clients well in the way she communicates, pays attention to the little details, and how fast she is at turning things around. I loved how personable you were from the first email (like looking up the kind of dog I wanted to get... so sweet!) and you were super fast to respond to any emails I sent over! When it comes to the people I work with, this is something I truly appreciate and is a must have. Plus, you offered exactly what I needed help in my business and SPECIALIZED in that! Because of your background with weddings already and your experience, I knew you were going to do an amazing job!"

- Stephanie K., Stephanie Kase Photography

"Before hiring Ava And The Bee, I was struggling with not having enough time to do all the things. Since working together, I've made lots of headway with my Pinterest strategy, even booking a bride off of Pinterest! And I always said I would submit weddings to publication, but could never find the time. Now that Adrienna is submitting weddings, I'm going to be featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty, which is a huge win! Adrienna is easy to communicate with, produces high-quality work, has tons of experience and can pretty much do anything. To have someone like Ava And The Bee who I trust completely with helping me with my business is a game-changer and I'm so thankful."

- Julie W., Julie Wilhite Photography

services + offerings

The Magnolia: Blogging & Pinterest

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The Anemone: Marketing VIP Intensive

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The Aster: Showit Template Setup

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This is the perfect package for wedding pros looking to start or grow their digital marketing strategy! Get monthly blogs, Pinterest & Tailwind, all done by wedding industry pros.

Let us jumpstart your marketing by tackling Pinterest, Blogging, IG captions, a wedding submission, and a customized marketing plan. Oh, the best part? We get this all done in one day.

We offer both full template setup and basic setup to get your template not just looking gorgeous, but converting leads! Stop spending time on your website, and focus on your zone of genius!

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Empathy, Optimism, Brainstormer


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Spotify, nail polish, family

Iced Hazelnut

I have a three-legged black lab named Cooper!

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